We are Sahana Holidays Holidays,

Sahana in Arabic means The Queen. We keep our words that you will receive royal treatment at our places. So, experience the royal treatment of a Queen at Sahana Holidays. With more than 15 years of experience in the tourism and travel industry, we have understood your needs and demands. We offer all kinds of stay, right from homestay, cottages, luxurious rooms, group stays, dormitory, tent stays, etc. at unbelievable and most affordable prices.


Sahana Holiday's cottages are extremely convenient for all set of people like couples, families, group stays and individual stay. Because most of our cottages are surrounded by the hill station view. We provide an outstanding standard of rooms and are available throughout the year to enjoy the natural greenery and peace of mind. All our cottages are completely clean and neat and well-sanitized.


Homestays are the best option for families and couples. Picking homestays to stay in will give you a sense of living a peaceful life in another place – you can choose to do your morning routine the way you like best and enjoy all the benefits that include taking pictures by the western ghats and lovely buildings. And You can watch the best web series and enjoy the authentic Tamilian style.


Sahana Holiday's dorms are a very convenient option for those who are looking for a group stay like when you stay with colleagues, friends or family relatives. It is safe, well-maintained, and less price when compared to other stay options. In our Dormitory rooms, we have exclusive facilities like TV, Music & Wifi and we also make sure you offer a dormitory stay with a germ-free room and a clean washroom.

Meet Our Team

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